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This real-time updated dashboard shows the state of the French electricity system and market through a set of indicators. Fundamental information about the day and the upcoming days and weeks can be quickly and easily grasped.

Data available in the customers' web site are resumed and showed together to give a comprehensive view about Load, Generation, Interconnection, Balancing market and wholesale power exchange (EPEX).

The dashboard is meant to be user-friendly and flexible: the date, the indicators and the information to be displayed on graphs can be customized. Furthermore, it is possible to obtain details and mine the underlying data through the “i” and “loupe” links.

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Generation dashbord
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  • Load
  • Daily load
  • Losses forecast
  • Daily margins
  • Generation
  • Generation forecast
  • Wind power generation forecast
  • Solar power generation forecast
  • Outages
  • Interconnections
  • Balance of exchange programs
  • Scheduled exchanges by border
  • Daily forecast NTC export
  • Daily forecast NTC import
  • Balancing mechanism
  • Balancing mechanism's warnings
RTE shall not be held responsible for any use that might be made of the data made available.
Regarding generation data made available by UFE :

Data are established and made available in day-ahead by the French Electricity Union - UFE - in order to develop the transparency of the electricity market.
By accessing this website, each user accepts the present disclaimer.

All production data published on this website are for energy-market players only. Such players undertake to take appropriate steps to verify the quality of the published data. As a consequence, each user acknowledges that he/she uses such published data and information at its own risks.

The freely published production data are for information purposes only and are not legally binding. The producers participating to these publications and RTE make their best efforts to provide the information they have at their disposal on the publication dates, except in case of force majeure. In particular, the provisional information constitute the producers' best estimate at the time of the publication and are not legally binding ; they may vary, notably on the basis of analysis that may be carried out on technical and surety aspects. The producers give no warranty whatsoever as to the updating of the estimates due to new information.

RTE and the electricity producers disclaim all liability in case of total or partial interruption of the publications and disclaim all liability for loss or damage which may result from the use by third parties of the data and/or information so published, including any mistakes, inaccuracies, or omissions in the data and/or information to the fullest extent permitted by law.

RTE and the producers shall not be liable for any damage resulting from the use of the data and/or information, except in case of wilful misconduct (« faute intentionnelle avérée ») and provided the user demonstrates a direct link between the wilful misconduct and the damage or the loss he/she suffers.