Public holidays in Europe

Public holidays influence in a significant way the economic and domestic activity of each country and consequently the consumption and the exchanges of electricity.

RTE takes them into account in its forecasts and wishes to inform the actors of these particular dates for the current year.

These data are available from the year 2003 for the following countries :
Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, United-Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland, Czech Republic.

Public holidays in Europe - Year 2017
01/01/2017 New Year's Day X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
06/01/2017 Epiphany X X   X X   X           X X (1)  
13/04/2017 Maundy Thursday       X         X            
14/04/2017 Maundy Friday X     X X X (1)     X   X   X X (1)  
16/04/2017 Easter X     X     X   X   X     X (1)  
17/04/2017 Easter Monday X X X X X (1) X X X X X   X X X (1) X
25/04/2017 Liberation Italy - Freedom day Portugal             X       X        
27/04/2017 Koningsdag (national Holiday Netherlands)                   X          
01/05/2017 Labor Day / State Holiday Austria / Day of Repentance and Prayer Danemark X X X   X X X X X   X X X   X
08/05/2017 Victory Day 1945 / Fête de l'iris - Belgium / Liberation Day - Czech Republic     X (1)     X                 X
17/05/2017 National Day (Norway)                 X            
25/05/2017 Ascension Day   X   X   X   X X X (1)     X X  
29/05/2017 Spring Bank Holiday - United Kingdom                       X      
02/06/2017 Republic Day Italy             X                
04/06/2017 Whitsun                 X X (1)       X (1)  
05/06/2017 Whit Monday X X X X   X   X X X       X (1)  
06/06/2017 Swedish National Holiday                         X    
10/06/2017 Portugal day                     X        
15/06/2017 Corpus Christi   X                          
23/06/2017 Luxembourg National Holiday               X              
24/06/2017 Midsummer day (Sweden)                         X    
05/07/2017 Saints Cyril and Methodius's Day (Czech Republic)                             X
06/07/2017 Jan Hus Day (Czech Republic)                             X
11/07/2017 Flemish Community Holiday (Belgium)     X (1)                        
14/07/2017 French National Holiday           X                  
21/07/2017 Belgium National Holiday     X                        
01/08/2017 National Day (Switzerland)                           X  
15/08/2017 Assumption Day   X X   X X X X     X        
27/09/2017 French Community Day (Belgium)     X (1)                        
28/09/2017 Czech Statehood Day - Saint Venceslas                             X
03/10/2017 National Unity Day (Germany) X                            
05/10/2017 Republic day (Portugal)                     X (1)        
12/10/2017 National Day (Spain)         X                    
26/10/2017 National Day (Austria)   X                          
28/10/2017 Independance Day 1918 (Czech Republic)                             X
01/11/2017 All Saints' Day   X X   X X X X           X (1)  
04/11/2017 All Saints' Day - Sweden                         X    
11/11/2017 Armistice Day 1918     X     X                  
15/11/2017 German Community Day (Belgium)     X (1)                        
17/11/2017 Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day                             X
06/12/2017 Constitution Day (Spain)         X                    
08/12/2017 Immaculate Conception   X     X   X       X     X (1)  
24/12/2017 Christmas Eve       X (1)                     X
25/12/2017 Christmas X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
26/12/2017 2nd Christmas Day / St. Stephen's Day X X   X X (1) X (1) X X X X   X X X (1) X
(1) Some areas/communities/governments/half-days... (for France : Haut-Rhin, Bas-Rhin and Moselle)
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