Balancing mechanism

In order to help all those concerned gain a better understanding of how the balancing mechanism works, RTE makes the following information available every day.

Some of these data are likely to change up to D+3, the time at which they are validated by RTE.
Prior to this validation, they are therefore to be considered as provisional data.

In addition, RTE makes available the historical records of all the validated data, as of the date of the start of the balancing mechanism.

Finally, RTE publishes each month a Balancing Mechanism Report (in French only).

Data Availability
Daily margins ; (d-1 9 p.m)
Trends and balancing prices ; (H+1 day D)
Daily balancing energy volume ; (H+1 day D)
Daily volume of balancing energy ;
   . Daily data :
   . Data over 3 months :
(H+1 day d)
(M +3)
Daily capacity/price curve. (D+1 midnight)