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France - Germany power interconnection.

Source : RTE 12/06/2002

France - Germany power interconnection : RTE increases the commercial capacity in autumn 2002.

RTE has just undertaken major works on the Vigy - Uchtelfangen 400 000 Volts extra high voltage interconnection line, linking the Vigy substation in France to the Uchtelfangen substation in Germany.
These works will help to improve the present situation, which has been marked by frequent congestion since March 2002, thus increasing the fluidity of electricity exchanges in Europe.
Once these works have been completed, the additional commercial capacity offered will amount to hundreds of MW and may reach 1,000 MW, depending on the operating conditions of the power system on the area.

The works will be carried out in several stages and consist in rebuilding the French part of the line belonging to RTE. The first stage, currently under way, will not disturb the operation of the interconnection. On the other hand, the works will require the total interruption of the line for a period of 3 to 4 weeks in October 2002. The commercial capacity between France and Germany should be limited to about 1,000 MW during the last works phase.

RTE will communicate the schedule of the different works stages as soon as it has been precisely fixed, as well as the precise dates of the interruption and limitation of commercial capacity.

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