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France-Italy Interconnection: new annual allocation mechanism.

Source : RTE 10/12/2002

RTE and GRTN are setting up a joint mechanism for 2003 for the allocation of capacity on the France-Italy interconnection.

In accordance with the agreement between the Autorità per l'Energia
Elettrica e il Gas (AEEG) and the Electricity Regulation Commission (CRE), published on the CRE Web site on 21 November 2002, Gestore della Rete di Trasmissione Nazionale (GRTN) and RTE are jointly implementing for 2003 a mechanism for the allocation of capacity on the interconnection to Italy.

All of the draft rules concerning this mechanism are available in English on the RTE Web site and the GRTN Web site. The project is still subject to the agreement of the French and Italian regulators.