Actualités : détails d'une dépêche

Publication of information linked to the new balance Responsible Entities mechanism, put in place on 1st July 2004.

Source : RTE 01/07/2004

RTE is making available public information regarding the new process for calculating balance responsible Entities imbalances, operational since 1st July 2004.

From 1st July 2004, RTE will bring the computer system on line allowing the processing of the data received from GRD concerning the reconstitution of the flows necessary to calculate the Balance Responsible Entities imbalances.

Each week RTE publishes a nationwide daily information document on the following matters :

- the National reference load curve,
- the National Profiling Imbalance,
- the National alignment coefficient.

The first items of information will be published on 22nd July 2004 based on the data sent by the GRD to RTE from 15th July 2004.

Consult the new section " Life of the power system / Balance Responsible Entity "