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Efficiency, transparency and information sharing: the new CURTE website.

Source : RTE 29/10/2008

New website dedicated to the consultation system, open to all members of the CURTE (Transmission System Users Committee) from 29 October 2008.

At the plenary session of the CURTE (Transmission System Users Committee) on 28 May, RTE pledged to make information on the organisation of the CURTE and its work transparently available by creating a new website specifically for the committee's members.

The new website aims to provide a forum where RTE customers and organizations operating in the French electricity market can come together to debate changes in conditions for accessing the network and the market.

The new website will contain comprehensive information on the organization and work done within CURTE. Details of consultation processes will also be put online to enable visitors to take part and submit their opinion.

Visitors with access to the CURTE website will be able to :

- Take part in consultations on draft texts (DTR, Rules, etc.) produced by the committees and working groups, and submit their comments on the consultation documents
- Submit a request for an investigation into a specific issue
- View all the work, remarks, proposals and opinions made by members of the CURTE, and the corresponding responses or outcomes

They will also be able to access the following information in just a few clicks :

- Member lists
- Calendar of Plenary CURTE Sessions, Specialist Committees and Working Groups
- Agendas, presentations and minutes of meetings
- Draft texts (DTR, Rules, etc.) produced by the CURTE and put up for consultation

With this tool, RTE is continuing its efforts to update the working methods of the Transmission System Users Committee (CURTE), and reaffirming the Committee's central role as a forum for exchanges and consultation with customers.

Access the new CURTE website