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A New User Experience for Transparency Data

Source : Source: RTE ? D2M 29/07/2010

Access data through a new 'Dashboard' with a customized visual display.

From today on, RTE is offering a new access to transparency data, as its new Dashboard goes online on the website. The interface can be accessed from the renewed homepage of the website's Customer Section.

RTE considers that there is an ever greater need for clear, easy to be accessed and comprehensive information. That's why we are strongly committed to pursue our efforts to promote transparency in the French electricity market.

The Dashboard has been designed as a evolutionary new resource offering an intuitive user experience. It will gradually be updated to incorporate new features and more data covering expanded timeframes, in response to your evolving requirements.

The Dashboard can be configured to display essential power system and market information at a glance.

The data already available in the Customer Section of the website are summarized in the form of brief illustrations, to give a clear, quick overview of demand, interconnectors and the balancing mechanism. New data on the EPEX spot market are also accessible.

Updated daily, this new tool shows the status of the French power system and electricity market for the current day. In the future, it will be upgraded to expand the scope of data displayed and provide information covering a variety of timeframes, ranging from the short-term to the long-term.

The new interface reflects RTE's commitment to comply with European transparency requirements by being consistent with the work done by ENTSO-E and ERGEG.
(or Customer Section Dashboard)