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Forecast supply-demand balance for summer 2011: trends published by RTE on June 9th are confirmed.

Source : RTE-DICAP 13/07/2011

The elements available in mid-July confirm the trends published on June 9th by RTE.

At the beginning of June, RTE published its forecast analysis of the electricity supply-demand balance for this summer in mainland France. This study was conducted on the basis of the forecast availability of the generating fleet provided by generators in spring 2011.

The latest information received from generators confirms the forecast analysis of the supply-demand balance published in early June for weather conditions close to seasonal norms as in case of heatwave potentially combined with an unfavourable hydrological situation. The risk of tension on the supply-demand balance is therefore low for this summer.

RTE continue to pay close attention throughout the summer, monitoring meteorological parameters and resulting effects on the availability of French generating fleet. The forecast analysis may be updated if necessary in case of a significant change and worsening of the situation.