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Transparency in the French electricity market: UFE and RTE publish additional information on French electricity generation

Source : DCOM 26/01/2012

A new page for a clearer view of the generation supply available in France

As part of their continuing efforts to promote greater transparency in the French electricity market, RTE and the generators of UFE have now created a new page on the RTE Customer Portal, for publishing additional information designed to give market players an even clearer picture of the country's supply of electricity.
In mid-December 2011, RTE and UFE had already taken an important step forward in the provision of French electricity generation data, by giving market players actual generation figures for units over 100 MW within the hour, along with day-ahead forecasts for generation by the UFE fleet.
That initiative is now being enhanced with the addition of a new page on the Customer Portal of the RTE website. The new page contains additional information to that already issued, notably on forecast availability and unplanned outages affecting the generating fleet.
This new information, placed online in the form of continuous declarations by the generators, may cover such items as partial unplanned unavailability, or changes to the resumption of service dates for currently unavailable generating units, and more.
This publication will provide all market players with an even clearer view of the generation supply available from UFE's members. Their initiative is an active and free contribution to transparency in the French electricity market, and is facilitating the application of current and forthcoming regulations on transparency.

> This page is currently in french only, and can be viewed here.