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Cataliz, our comprehensive catalogue

Source : RTE - DC 15/01/2013

RTE is launching a new catalogue, designed to provide you with a simple, practical and interesting overview of its range of services. Its name? Cataliz.

We provide a wide selection of services, information about which could previously be found in a variety of different formats: the customer portal, Technical Reference Documentation, commercial brochures, etc.
Now, all you need is the catalogue: Cataliz will let you read all about and understand our range of contractual and commercial services.

Whether you are a customer connected to the Public Transmission Network or a customer active in the energy market, our catalogue will be invaluable to you, with its four main categories: "Become A Customer", "Strengthen Your Supply", "Optimize Your Budget", and "Let Us Help".
Cataliz contains user-friendly 63 factsheets detailing our services. Each factsheet contains a description of the service, along with its price, who to contact, eligibility conditions, and more.

The catalogue also includes a category called "The Basics", which provides information on our contractual architecture and invoicing arrangements.
The catalogue will be updated with new factsheets during the course of 2013.

You can access the digital version of Cataliz by logging onto the website at
An iPad app will be available for download from the App Store very soon.

Are you interested in any of the services described in Cataliz? Get in touch with your usual sales contact.
If you have any comments or suggestions about Cataliz, feel free to email us at