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Electricity consumption / Load forecast for the coming week.

Source : RTE 21/12/2004

From 21st December, RTE is publishing a load forecast for all hours in the coming week, in place of the at-a-glance service currently available.

RTE is to improve its publication of load forecast data with the publication of a forecast load curve for all hours over the next 7 days. This forecast will be produced on an hourly basis for the period, thus providing a much more detailed description than was previously available.

The D+1 forecast will be published in the "Forecast for the next day" section and the forecasts for D+2 to D+7 in the "Forecast for the coming week" section.

The weekly load forecasts are to be updated daily, taking account of meteorological forecasts.

Weekly load forecasts are to be produced based on :

- data for the past 7 days' consumption with the same meteorological conditions,
- meteorological forecasts for the next 7 days.

A summary table showing daily load peaks will be presented, along with a forecast load curve for the 6-day period (for D+2 to D+7).

Data for each forecast will be archived. They may be consulted at a later date or downloaded.

Consult our new sub-section "Electricity consumption / Forecast for the coming week."