Key player in the construction
of an integrated European electricity market

Increased cooperation in terms of security of supply

The Transmission System Operators (TSOs) are keen to provide market players with a more detailed picture of long term prospects for the operation of the power systems and markets.

Consequently, in the "Centre West Europe" region, the French, Belgian, Dutch, Luxembourg and German TSOs have made a commitment to producing:

  • a network development plan, based on national plans,
  • a harmonized report of power system incidents, based on methods and incident scales used by RTE to establish its annual System Reliability Report for the French power network,
  • a development of information exchange procedures between the TSOs' respective control centres,
  • a generation adequacy report looking at the electricity supply-demand balance for the next fifteen years, based on a proven method used by RTE for France.

RTE and ELIA have set up, back in 2008, the first regional technical coordination centre named "Coreso". By May 2009, National Grid, then by October 2010, TERNA and 50Hertz Transmission joined CORESO. A move that confirmed the need to increase the coordination between TSOs to ensure a better security and to avoid large disturbances. CORESO provides daily its partners with the European vision of risks on the networks and coordinated the agreement on the necessary remedial actions to ensure the security of supply of West of Europe's network.

In the medium term, RTE is therefore contributing to the creation of a uniform and secure market, by continuing to develop international interconnections and devising innovative new solutions to fluidify exchanges. Thanks to these developments, European consumers will reap the benefits of greater economic and environmental optimization of Europe's generating fleets and improved security of supply.