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Results of RTE's 2nd call for tenders relative to the purchase of energy to compensate for system losses

Source: RTE 18/06/2001

RTE selects 17 European suppliers for the purchase of power to compensate for system losses

RTE announces that 17 European suppliers have been selected, upon completion of a second call for tenders, to supply power so as to make up for physical losses on the transmission network.
This invitation to tender, launched on 14 May 2001, concerns the supply of electricity for the period from 30 June to 31 December 2001.

The following 17 candidates (in alphabetical order) have been selected: AEP Energy Services Ltd, BKW-FMB Energie SA, CARGILL International, Compagnie Nationale du Rhône, E.ON Trading, EGL, ELECTRABEL, Electricité de France, EnBW, ENRON Capital & Trade Resources Ltd., IBERDROLA Generacion, MIRANT Europe, NOK, RWE Trading, TOTALFINA ELF Gas & Power Ltd, TXU EET, UNION FENOSA Generacion.

This open call for tenders was sent to more than one hundred potential French and European suppliers and was also published on the RTE Web site (rte-france.com).

Power transmission gives rise to energy losses, which makes RTE the second leading consumer of electrical energy in France. These losses are estimated at 11.6 TWh (billions of kWh) for 2001, i.e. about 2% of the volume of electricity conveyed every year on the high and extra high voltage power grid.

For the second half of 2001, the call for tenders concerned 3.1 TWh purchased in the form of firm and optional products.

This market was the subject of genuine competition between the various European players and the amounts proposed largely exceeded the amounts purchased (see details in the appendix).

As a result of this tendering process, RTE was able to purchase the energy it required at least cost, so that all the French and European users of the transmission network can benefit from an economical and effective access.

It should be mentioned that RTE launched a first call for tenders on 5 October 2000. It was sent to 90 French and European suppliers. At that time, 38 operators requested tender documents and 7 European operators were selected by RTE.

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