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André Merlin, CEO of the French TSO (RTE) has been appointed as Chairman of ETSO, the Association of European Transmission System Operators

Source: RTE 02/07/2001

André Merlin, Chief Executive Officer of the French Transmission System Operator (RTE) has been appointed as Chairman of ETSO, the Association of European Transmission System Operators

Mr Merlin was voted the new Chairman of the Association at ETSO's General Assembly, which was held in Brussels on Friday, 29 June 2001.

He thus succeeds Mr Odd Hakon Hoelsaeter, Director of Statnett SF (the Norwegian Transmission System Operator) and Chairman of NORDEL (the organisation of Scandinavian Transmission System Operators). Mr Hoelsaeter had held this position since 1 July 1999.

André Merlin is no stranger to the Association as he has presided over its Steering Committee since ETSO was founded in Frankfort in July 1999.

This new position is another step in the international career of Mr Merlin, who belongs to a small circle of top-level power transmission directors. A member of UCTE (Union for the Co-ordination of Electricity Transmission in Europe), André Merlin has been Chairman of the Technical Committee of CIGRE (International Conference on Large High Voltage Power Systems - an association which is made up of 8,000 members from 50 countries) since 1996.

At present, ETSO is made up of 32 Transmission System Operators from 17 countries. The Association will soon include as member the Transmission System Operator of Slovenia and, as associate members, the Transmission System Operators of Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic.

One of ETSO's roles is to propose harmonised rules for transmission grid access to the European Commission and to the European Council of Energy Regulators. The members, by co-ordinating their actions, consequently favour the emergence of a single European electricity market. ETSO's work has a considerable practical impact on the European level. The work it has carried out has recently resulted ? during the Forum in Florence on 7-8 May 2001 ? in the definition of a temporary cross-border tariff mechanism validated by the European Commission, a mechanism which will be set up by ETSO for the end of the year.

ETSO has chosen its new Chairman and has also endowed itself with new international articles of association governed by the laws of Belgium, as well as a permanent secretariat based in Brussels.


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