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Marlenheim - Vigy : last consultation stage before the public enquiry

Source: RTE 19/07/2001

The project for the reconstruction of the 225 kV line as a 400 kV line between Alsace and Lorraine has just entered the final key stage before the launching of the public enquiry.

Upon completion of the first consultation phase, the choice of a route causing the least impact has been validated by the prefectures of Moselle and Bas-Rhin and subsequently approved by the Secretary of State for Industry (OJ of 10 March 2001).

Since last May, RTE (Réseau de Transport d'Electricité), the project contracting authority, has undertaken a final stage of dialogue with the elected representatives and State departments. This stage should witness the detailed definition of the route prior to launching the public enquiry.

The role of RTE, the French Transmission System Operator, created on 1 July 2000, is to operate, maintain and develop the high and extra high voltage power transmission network (from 63 kV to 400 kV).

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