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France-Spain interconnection: a new power line project for the future Perpignan-Barcelona high-speed train (TGV)

Source: RTE 02/08/2001

The French Government decides to submit the project for the creation of a new power line between France and Spain to local consultation.

At the end of their meeting in Paris, on Friday, 27 July 2001, Christian PIERRET, Secretary of State for Industry, and his Spanish counterpart, Josť FOLGADO, agreed to set up a monitoring group so as to reinforce the power exchanges between France and Spain.

Over and above the technical improvement of the existing lines (which will make it possible to attain a power exchange level of 1,400 MW by the year 2002) and the auctioning of the interconnection capacities, Christian PIERRET confirmed the decision to submit the project for the creation of a new 400 kV double circuit line between Baixas (near Perpignan) and Bescano (west of Gerona) to local consultation this coming autumn.

This line would be parallel to the route of the future Perpignan-Barcelona High Speed Line (LGV), which it would also serve to supply. Featuring a capacity of 1,200 MW, the power line would increase the flow capacity between France and Spain to 2,600 MW by the year 2005.

For further information, please consult our press kit which features:

- the press release issued by the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industry,
- a progress report drawn up by RTE on 1 August 2001,
- as well as a histogram showing the interconnection levels between some European countries.

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