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France - United Kingdom interconnection: publication of version 2 of the IFA 2000 Access Rules and of the quarterly auction specifications.

Source: RTE 05/09/2001

Today, National Grid and RTE are publishing version 2 of the interconnection Access Rules, as well as the quarterly auction sale specifications for October, November and December 2001.

The operators decided to amend the Access Rules following the first IFA 2000 Users' Forum. In accordance with the revision procedure described in these Rules, the Users were consulted during the month of August. After having analysed the observations and comments received, National Grid and RTE are publishing today the first alterations to the IFA Access Rules.
The purpose of the changes made to this document is to clarify and facilitate the use of the cross-channel link. The main changes are of three types:

- Adding of a Rule D7 which will enable the operators to organise auctions over periods lasting between 1 year and 1 day.

- Development of conditions under which a User will be entitled to transfer part of the rights that he has acquired in long-term auctions to another User.

- Drafting corrections.

In addition, the operators are publishing today the specifications of a quarterly auction for October, November and December 2001. 527 MW will be put up for sale on 18 September 2001 in the form of blocks of 1 MW over a three-month period in the direction France - United Kingdom. This auction responds to the substantial number of requests expressed by the players of the market to be able to take advantage of intermediate auctions between the annual and daily auctions.
National Grid and RTE hope that these measures will facilitate the use of this interconnection.

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