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The euro, a step forward for every one, a commitment for RTE.

Source: RTE 10/10/2001

A new heading on the euro at RTE improves the internet site of RTE. Do not hesitate to consult this new column to find usefull informations on RTE euro commitments.

Since 1 January 1999, the Euro has become the reference currency for 12 countries of the European Union and will eventually replace the French franc as of 1 January 2002.

RTE is taking advantage of this "neither-nor" period (neither obligation- nor ban) to adapt to the Euro under the best possible conditions by including its commercial partners in its approach.

Although the coming arrival of the Euro will completely alter our environment at all levels, RTE has made it a point to have a future-oriented approach by anticipating the legal dates of the disappearance of the French franc.

Hence, as of 1 November 2001, the Euro will be the sole currency used by RTE.

Consult our new "Euro" section.

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