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A first national institutional advertising campaign for RTE.

Source: RTE 15/10/2001

On 15 October 2001, RTE launches its first national institutional advertising campaign in 26 newspapers and magazines.

Its goals are clear: increase the recognition of RTE, get people to know about its missions, make its image a leading one and promote the Transmission System Operator's role at the core of the French and European power system.

The advertising campaign, designed by Saatchi & Saatchi Business Communications, is intended first of all for opinion leaders, economic managers, manufacturers and elected representatives.

The press catch phrase "The entire economy stands to gain when electricity transmission in Europe is totally independent and transparent" indeed expresses RTE's commitments and values through several key words: independence, transparency and European dimension.

The visual emphasises one of RTE's main concerns: environmental protection. The veins of the fig leaf, in the background, reflect the importance and vital function of the power transmission network throughout France. The inset of pictures of towers in the image of the leaf is there to clearly remind people of our activity: high and extra high voltage power transmission.

This press campaign will take place from 15 October to the end of December 2001 in 26 national daily, weekly and monthly newspapers and magazines.

The campaign advertisement is attached for your information.

For further details, please contact:
Michel Derdevet at 01 41 02 19 73,
Henri Honthaas at 01 41 02 20 28