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New Balance Responsible contract.

Source: RTE 04/12/2001

RTE is setting up a new Balance Responsible contract on the 1st December 2001.

The Balance Responsible mechanism, set up by RTE in November 2000 to enable network users to share their individual generation and consumption imbalances and thereby minimise the cost, is now being changed.

This change will make it possible to take into account the transactions carried out by those taking part in the power exchange (Powernext) launched in Paris on 26 November 2001. RTE has taken advantage of this change to make modifications arising from feedback from utilisation of the contract, including requests made by the users and/or the Electricity Regulation Commission.

The changes are as follows:

* Possibility of gaining access to the metering data of the sites included within the scope of the Balancing Responsible provided that the latter has obtained authorisation from the site.
* Possibility given to the Balance Responsible, if he so wishes, to have his name appear on the list soon to be published on RTE's Web site.
* Valuation at the selling price or purchasing price of the imbalance induced by a reduction in exchanges with neighbouring TSO's decided after the acceptance of exchanges at the borders (and not at the energy price outside the tolerance range as was previously the case).
* Introduction of a 15-day period for the change in scope when the request for a change comes from the Balancing Responsible. The time remains 7 days when the request comes from the user.
* Value of the tolerance range reduced from 5 MW to 1 MW for scopes made up solely of block exchanges.

The major development envisaged in 2002, with the emerging of the balancing market, is the setting up of a "Balancing Responsible / Balancing-Scheduling Market" code.

The general conditions of the code will be published on the Web site and will evolve within the scope of a survey of power transmission network
users with the agreement of the Electricity Regulation Commission and the public authorities.
An agreement to participate in the code will then be signed between RTE and any company wishing to be a Balancing Responsible and/or a balancing participant.

Fur further information, please go to our section "Balancing Responsible" (The changes are only available in french version).