To connect your installation

Key stages

  1. you send your application to your RTE customer service advisor,
  2. following a study exploring the different connection possibilities available and extensive discussions with you, your RTE contact will provide you with a Technical and Financial Proposal (in French only) that represents the most suitable connection solution for your requirements,
  3. once you have accepted the proposal with its stated costs and deadlines, RTE will launch the planning studies and consultation processes needed to obtain the administrative permits for your connection,
  4. once these have been obtained, you will sign a connection agreement with RTE, which will enable us to begin work on the connection in order to commission your installation,
  5. finally, you will sign a network access contract and operating agreement (in French only) with RTE.

These various stages comply with the regulatory framework and are detailed
in the Reference Technical Documentation (in French only).

Customer advisor

France is covered by seven regional Customer Relations services.

To be connected to the power network, contact your local Customer Relations Service for your area.

You will be put in touch with a customer advisor who will guide you through the connection process.

your network accommodation capacities