To manage the quality of your power supply

Do you run sensitive equipment? Would you like greater reliability for your processes?

Voltage Quality Plus

The "Voltage Quality Plus" service monitors and analyzes disturbances that can affect the voltage supply to your process.

As part of the service, RTE:

  • monitors disturbances, in particular voltage dips, using power quality measurement devices;
  • informs the Customer of any disturbances detected;
  • carries out a comparative analysis to identify the source of disturbances on the network and gauge their impact on the Customer's installation;
  • makes a commitment to a maximum yearly number of voltage dips exceeding 30% of contractual voltage level and lasting longer than 400ms;
  • provides a yearly report.

A new trial service, Sup Quali Plus

The Sup Quali Plus service is a supplement to the Voltage Quality Plus service, with a best commitment concerning voltage dips. It is aimed at sites which, despite efforts to limit their sensitivity, are regularly disrupted by voltage dips.Before the supplementary commitment is formally agreed, the installation's desensitization is assessed in an audit performed by an independent firm and based on an assessment table.

The catalogue of services (in French only) details the optional services proposed by RTE.

Get in touch with your usual sales contact for information on how to sign up for these services.