Scheduling work to ensure optimum availability for your power supply

RTE may need to temporarily suspend access to the Public Transmission System, in order to carry out work to maintain, refurbish, develop or repair its infrastructures, for the purpose of:

  • Satisfying legal and regulatory requirements regarding the safety of people and property,Maintaining or improving network performance.RTE does everything it can to ensure that such interruptions in service are as infrequent as possible, and to schedule them at times and dates likely to cause you least disruption.
  • Under the Consumer Transmission Network Access Contract, RTE makes a binding commitment for each Connection Point between an industrial site and the power grid, guaranteeing a maximum total period of scheduled outages equal to five working days over a period of three consecutive years.

If you have special availability requirements, RTE can provide a personalized service for a fee. This service will include special measures to reduce disruption, such as performing live-line work, or carrying out work outside normal working hours or days.

Your sales contact will be happy to explain how you can sign up for this service.

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