The Metering Service

On 22/05/03, the French Energy Regulator, CRE, issued a ruling stipulating that there can be no network access contract between a public system operator and a site that is not directly connected to its system. As a response to the ruling, RTE created a new service whereby energy flows are measured separately for each balance responsible entity. With the Metering Service, eligible consumers and generating sites that are only indirectly connected to the PTS are free to choose their own energy supplier(s) or balance responsible entity(ies).

RTE's role

The Metering Service involves identifying the specific electricity consumption or generation of a site that is connected indirectly to the PTS. The corresponding electricity flows are then assigned to the perimeter of the balance responsible entity designated by the site, if it differs from the BR designated by the main customer directly connected to the Public Transmission System. The Metering Service generally involves the installation of meters, which are used to identify the individual energy flows pertaining to the indirectly connected consumer. The agreement templates are as follows (see opposite side).

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Documents updated on : 03/20/2007

How to sign up for the Metering Service

To apply to sign up to the Service, simply contact your usual RTE contact at the Customer Relations Service in your area.

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