RTE - National Grid agreement

RTE and National Grid have signed a "Balancing and Ancillary Services Agreement" which allows them to exchange power over the France - England Interconnector. These interchanges are superimposed on the trades already agreed by interconnector users and can under no circumstances displace them.

This agreement provides access for both System Operators to the residual capacity of the interconnector to manage constraints or for energy balancing purposes on their system. The offered power is 500 MW in both directions (more can be asked but the acceptation is optional). The Intraday Transfer Limits are taken into account in the intraday offered power for this agreement.

The bid and offer prices at which this power is made available from RTE and National Grid are published on the NETA (New Electricity Trading Arrangements) Web site at the following address http://www.bmreports.com/bwx_reporting.htm ("System Warnings and other messages").

Publication is completed by 18:30 each day for the next day prices.