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Technical specifications

Compatible browsers

The site is compatible with the following browsers: Internet Explorer versions 6.0 and higher, Firefox 2 and later versions.

For a more pleasant browsing experience, we recommend enabling javascript.

Display resolution

Your screen resolution must be at least 1024x768.

Plugin content

Some of the site's content has been developed using "Java" technology. In order to work correctly, these applications, also known as "Applets", require something called a "plugin" to be installed. You can download it in just a few minutes from the following address:

Some visual elements use Flash technology. For your comfort, we recommend using Flash player version 8 or higher. The application can be downloaded from the following address:

You do not need to have the flash player installed in order to browse the site.


To access a page, simply click on its title. If the page contains sub-sections, an arrow will appear at the start of its title.

When you view a page, it will be printed in black bold type, so you can see where you are more easily.

browsing in dropdown menus

Download section

RTE has provided a download section where users can quickly and easily access all the downloadable data on the customer portal. The advanced features in this section require you to enable javascripts and cookies (see Technical specifications and Disclaimer).

Once the page has loaded, a toolbar appears at the top, allowing you to carry out an instant search for a specific item (1), display your memorized data (favourites) (2), and ask for a download page for your favourites or your selection (3).

different toolbar zones

Each item of data is accompanied by two icons:

  • a check box, enabling you to select one or more items
  • a star, enabling you to save the item in your favourites and find it again quickly on your next visit

Both these actions can be accessed either from the list of data or from the search results.

adding favourites and selecting data

How to print

Using Internet Explorer and Firefox: go into the File menu, and click Print.
Click OK to begin printing.

This site has been designed for printing in both "portrait" and "landscape" formats.

How to save an image

Position the cursor on the image, click the right mouse button and select the option "Save Picture As…" Now simply choose the filename and directory and click the Save button in the dialogue box.

How to contact us

See Contact section.