France - Spain interconnection

For this interconnection,
RTE publishes among others the following data every day and for each hourly interval:
Data Availability
Yearly and Monthly NTCs Before each auction
NTC D-2. Data are available on JAO website D-2
Yearly and Monthly Auction Specifications
Data are available on JAO website

The Daily Allocation Results are available on JAO website


Initial available capacity for intraday in the direction France > Spain and in the direction of Spain > France
The website shows intraday capacities updated in real time for both directions.

21:00 on D-1
Intraday allocations results
The website intraday available and allocated capacity updated in real time for both directions.
Each hour on D

>12/12/2012: IESOE Transparency Platform Launch

Data about the France-Spain interconnection are available as well through the IESOE transparency platform ( This platform is the result of a coordinated transparency project of the four TSOs of the South West Europe region and Morocco -ONEE, REE, REN and RTE. The platform gathers relevant information on the capacity and use of interconnections between the French, Spanish, Portuguese and Moroccan electric systems. To access the platform, use the following link