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Source : RTE

A renovated Customers Section on RTE website.

RTE has implemented a renovated customers section on its website.


Source : RTE

Incident today on the 400,000 volt power line between Marseilles and Nice

Incident on the 400,000 volt power transmission line linking Marseilles and Nice


Source : RTE

Efficiency, transparency and information sharing: the new CURTE website.

New website dedicated to the consultation system, open to all members of the CURTE (Transmission System Users Committee) from 29 October 2008.


Source : RTE

Analysis of the winter period 2008-2009: moderate risk of interrupted supply.

At normal temperatures forecasts for the supply-demand balance for the winter period are more favourable than for last winter with the exception of January when the situation is expected to be tighter


Source : RTE

Electrical Energy Statistics for France: definitive 2007 data.

RTE publishes on-line English version of the publication "Electrical Energy Statistics for France" detailing the definitive 2007 statistical data.


Source : RTE

Supply-demand balance for summer 2008.

For summer 2008, generation available in France should be sufficient to cover electricity demand, unless there is a sustained heatwave.


Source : RTE

Consumption Forecast / RTE is publishing more information on its website.

In addition to the daily load curve of the power comsumption and the forecasts estimated the previous day, RTE is now set to begin publishing the forecasts of the comsumption estimated the current day