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Results of RTE's 3rd call for tenders relative to the purchase of energy to compensate for system losses.

Source: RTE 04/12/2001

RTE selects 18 suppliers for the purchase of power to compensate for system losses.

For the third consecutive time, RTE has sent out a call for tenders to some one hundred European suppliers, for the supply of electricity needed to make up for physical losses on the transmission network.
Upon completion of this invitation to tender, RTE is pleased to announce that 18 European suppliers have been selected from among the 23 suppliers who submitted a bid.
The call for tenders, launched in November 2001, concerns the purchase of 5.8 TWh of electricity covering the period from 1 January to 30 June 2002.

The following 18 candidates have been selected (in alphabetical order): AEP Energy Services Ltd (England) , ATEL (Switzerland), AXPO (Switzerland), BKWf -FMB Energie SA (Switzerland), Compagnie Nationale du Rhône (France), DYNEGY (England), EDF Trading (England), EGL (Switzerland), ELECTRABEL (Belgium), E.ON Trading (Germany), INOGY (England), NORSK HYDRO (Norway), RHODIA Energy (France), RWE Trading (Germany), TOTALFINA ELF Gas & Power Ltd (England), TXU EET (England), UNION FENOSA Generacion (Spain), VERBUND (Austria).

This open call for tenders, addressed to slightly over one hundred potential French and European suppliers and published on RTE's Web site (rte-france.com), attracted the interest of 23 suppliers.
This market has witnessed genuine competition between the different European players. The volumes offered are, in fact, much higher than the amounts purchased (see details in the appendix).

Six suppliers have been selected for the first time compared with the prior invitation to tender.

Power transmission leads to energy losses, which makes RTE the second leading energy consumer in France. These technical losses are estimated at 5.8 TWh (billions of kWh) for the first half of 2002, i.e. about 2% of the volume of electricity conveyed over the high and extra high voltage power network.

As a result of the invitation to tender, RTE has been able to purchase this energy at least cost, so that all French and European users of the transmission network can benefit from both economical and effective access.

Mention should be made here that RTE launched a first call for tenders on 5 October 2000. This invitation to tender was sent to 90 French and European suppliers. At that time, 38 operators had requested the corresponding tender documents and 7 European operators had been selected by RTE. After a second invitation to tender, launched in June 2001, RTE had selected 17 suppliers and purchased 3.1 TWh.

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Breakdown of the energy purchased per product and per month

Upon completion of this call for tenders, RTE purchased energy in the form of the following monthly products:
* Firm Base Load Energy Blocks: constant power throughout the period considered,
* Firm Peak Load Energy Blocks Working Day: constant power from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. every working day of the period considered,
* Hourly options: reserved energy which will be taken up on an hourly basis according to a programme notified by RTE,
* Block options: reserved energy which will be taken up on a daily basis according to a programme notified by RTE.