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Transfer capacities a week and a day ahead.

Source: RTE 26/03/2002

RTE publishes the schedules for separate exchanges to Germany and Belgium.

Since November 2001, RTE has published the following information on its Web site every day:

- the Net Transfer Capacities (NTC) for all the hourly intervals of the following day, to each TSO or neighbouring block (England, Germany-Belgium block, Switzerland, Italy, Spain);

- all of the nominations accepted by RTE to each of these destinations for all the hourly intervals of the following day.

In order to give the market an improved perception of the utilisation of these exchange capacities, RTE is improving these publications by distinguishing the nominations made to Belgium from those made to Germany. In addition, forecast NTC values for the next week will be available every Saturday.

RTE is now working to put forecast monthly capacity values for the current year on line, as well as a downloading service in the form of tables or charts, records of available net capacity and of its utilisation.

Furthermore, RTE is actively continuing its contacts with its Belgian counterpart, Elia, as well as with the Electricity Regulation Commission (CRE), with a view to setting up an Elia-RTE joint mechanism for the allocation of exchange capacity between France and Belgium and one that meets the requirements of the two regulators.