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RTE presents its first annual results.

Source: RTE 04/04/2002

The 2001 annual results of RTE (the French Transmission System Operator) offer encouraging perspectives.

The 2001 results of RTE offer encouraging perspectives.

2001 was a good economic year for the company which had a net result of 250 M for a turnover of 3,726 M. RTE has a comfortable financial structure permitting the repayment of debts of 228 M, while ensuring a level of investment of 647 M, more than 15 % of its turnover.

After its first full year of operation, with the perspective of better adapted official tariffs soon, RTE now has safe, stable foundations. However, the "gamble" of the creation of the company (which is virtually the 70th in France) was not won in advance. It has been met due to the mobilisation of its personnel and with a good level of economic and financial forecasting in year 1, as well as its capacity to set up and master a new accounting organisation.

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