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France-Germany and France-Belgium Interconnections.

Source: RTE 05/06/2002

RTE publishes information separately on the interconnections with Germany and Belgium.

Since November 2001, RTE has published the following daily:

-the Net Transfer Capacity (NTC) for all the hourly intervals of the next day, to each TSO or neighbouring block (England, Germany-Belgium block, Switzerland, Italy, Spain);

-the total of the nominations of all of the users to each one of these destinations for all the hourly intervals of the next day.

In order to improve the view of the market as regards the utilisation of this exchange capacity, RTE will henceforth distinguish all of the data concerning the France-Belgium and France-Germany borders.

In addition, within the scope of the RTE-ELIA joint project, RTE is publishing a forecast of the monthly capacity for the next 6 months. The forecast is drawn up with ELIA and will be updated on a monthly basis. These volumes (with any missing values being gradually provided) give an indication of the capacity available for a monthly allocation made by ELIA and RTE, subject to the approval of the regulators for implementation on 1 July 2002 of the mechanism proposed jointly by the two Transmission System Operators.

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