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France-Belgium Interconnection.

Source: RTE 25/06/2002

RTE and Elia introduce new modalities for exchanges of energy from France to Belgium.

Elia and RTE, the Belgian and French transmission system operators, introduce as of 1 July 2002 a common system for access to the France - Belgium interconnection. This announcement fits within the framework of the common action plan between the two system operators and the French and Belgian regulators.
The mechanism brings a significant enhancement in comparison with the existing mechanisms applied respectively by RTE and Elia.

The mechanism that will be introduced on 1 July 2002 combines the allocation on a monthly basis that was applied until now by Elia only with the allocation on a daily basis performed until this day only by RTE, by which they jointly propose the two time horizons to market players. The application of the " use it or lose " principle will allow for a maximisation of the capacity proposed to the market thanks to the re-allocation on a daily basis of the unused capacity.
The mechanism simplifies the relations with market actors with the introduction of a " one-to-one " relationship (one and the same entity is both holder of an ARP-contract with Elia and of a Contract for the Use of the France-Belgium interconnection for exports with RTE).
Monthly and daily capacity to be allocated will be determined in common by RTE and Elia and the results will be published on the respective websites of the system operators, enhancing the transparency of operations and their visibility for the market.

This is only a first step in the common research for a market mechanism for allocation of capacity at the interconnections. RTE and Elia are also preparing a common study on the various mechanisms for allocation of capacity that will be used as a basis for future evolutions.
In parallel, the two system operators are going on with their joint studies on the possibilities for reinforcement of the interconnections between their two systems.

The modalities for access can be consulted in detail on the website of Elia and RTE at the following address :

On-line consultation : .pdf
Download : .zip

Additional information can also be obtained from the following contacts :

RTE : Agnès Bader, Media Relations, tel. +33 1 41 02 16 78
Michel Derdevet, Communication Director, tel. +33 1 41 02 19 73
Elia : Lise Mulpas, External Communication, tel. +32 2 546 73 75
Walter Aertsens, External Communication, tel. +32 2 546 73 74