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The world of electricity is gathering in Paris.

Source: RTE 26/08/2002

From 25 to 30 August 2002, the 39th session of the International Council on Large Electric Systems (Cigré) will be held at the Palais des Congrès in Paris.

During this session, 2,500 delegates from more than 80 countries will take stock of current subjects in the world of electricity: market deregulation and the liberalisation of international exchanges, network security, quality of supply, impact on the environment and acceptability of facilities, technical innovations and new equipment, etc.

Other than the 300 reports to be discussed, four round tables will be devoted to :

- The impact of deregulation and institutional developments on the electricity markets;
- Large disturbances and extreme situations;
- Technical expertise, the driving force behind progress in the power industry;
- The development of activities and needs for training in electrical engineering techniques.

A technical exhibition features the participation of one hundred major players in the world of electricity, among others RTE on the French side, who are presenting their products and services.

The detailed programme of Cigré's 39th session is available on the site www.cigre.org.

To consult the Cigré press kit on this event, click here.


With 850 collective members (companies, administrations, scientific organisations, research and/or educational organisations) and 3,700 individual members representing more than 80 countries, the International Council on Large Electric Systems (Cigré) is a non-governmental, non-profit association, founded in France in 1921. It is the largest association in its field in the world.

Cigré brings together the world's top-level managers and experts representing all of the partners of the power industry - electrical equipment manufacturers, electricity companies, power transmission system operators, academics and representatives of the administrations. As a result, the quality of the Council's work and its absolute impartiality are completely guaranteed.

Its purpose is to develop technical knowledge and exchange information in the domain of high to extra high voltage power generation and transmission networks. This covers both issues related to the technologies of equipment making up the electrical part of power plants, overhead lines, insulated cables and substations, those related to the development of transmission and interconnection systems and, finally, topics concerning the operation of power systems, network protection, as well as remote control and telecommunications equipment.