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Access to the power transmission network: new tariff and contract.

Source: RTE 10/09/2002

RTE publishes the draft of the new contract for access to the public transmission network applicable as of 1 November 2002.

On 1 November 2002, the new tariffs for the utilisation of the public transmission and distribution networks, defined by decree n 2002-1014 of 19 July 2002, will come into effect.
A new contract for access to the transmission network will be proposed as of this same date so as to adapt it to these new tariffs. This contract also takes into account the opinions expressed by the users on the current contract which dates back to February 1999.
This draft, now being reviewed by the Electricity Regulation Commission (CRE), is likely to undergo some changes.

You can consult it in our section "Network Access / New tariff"