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Intraday block exchange.

Source: RTE 10/09/2002

RTE develops the intraday block exchange service.

To improve the satisfaction of its customers and to give an answer to their needs, RTE develops the " Block Exchange " service by offering the opportunity of an intraday block exchange.

This new possibility is offered from September 16, 2002 with the setting up of an intraday window at 11h for a delivery period from 14 to 24h.

Other intraday windows will be implemented progressively.Objectives are :
- November 4, 2002, opening of a window at 20h on D-1 for a delivery period from 0 to 24 h on D ;
- December 16, 2002, opening of intraday windows at 8h (delivery period from 11 to 24h), 14h (delivery period from 17 to 24h) and 17h (delivery period from 20 to 24h).

- For seeing the contract, go to our section " Block exchange notification".

- For more information, do contact :
Dominique Santoni /Key Account department or your partner from the CNES.

The " Echange Blocks " service, which offers the possibility for customers to exchange Blocks by declaring them to RTE at the latest the day before, for the next day, has been available since January 2001. This service was supplemented by the implementation, in December 2001, of a consistency check on the data on D-1 for Block exchanges between Balance Managers.