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France ? Germany interconnection.

Source: RTE 24/09/2002

Unprecedented co-ordination between seven European power transmission system operators for the management of power exchanges between France and Germany.

The second phase of the works for the modernisation and reconstruction of the 400 kV extra high voltage power line linking France between Vigy (Moselle) and Uchtelfangen in Germany will get under way next October 14th.
As announced on 12 June 2002, these works will last several weeks. From 14 October to 10 November 2002, the simultaneous de-energising of two interconnection lines will result, during this period, in a reduction of the electricity exchange capacity and a modification of the usual operating conditions.

The power exchange capacity between France and Germany, as well as with Belgium and more largely with the whole of Northern Europe, will be reduced.

In order to prepare for highly unusual operating conditions and, above all, to ensure the level of security required by the European power system at all times, RTE has brought together, on its initiative, a working group made up of six other European partners: the German operators RWE Net, E.on Netz and EnBW Transportnetze, the Belgian operator ELIA, the Dutch operator TenneT, as well as the Swiss co-ordination company ETRANS.

This co-ordination effort has also made it possible to jointly assess the exchange capacity available during the works and to thus maximise this capacity by judiciously combining the local measures taken separately by each of RTE's six partners.

Thanks to the efficient collaboration of all the operators, the commercial capacity proposed to the network users between 14 October and 10 November thus largely exceeds that which could have been proposed if each country had worked on its own and, above all, will be more reliable.

The following measures have been taken :
- RTE will authorise an export capacity to the Belgium + Switzerland + Germany block up to a value estimated at 5,000 MW (instead of the 6,500 to 7;000 MW usually to be seen for this period of the year, in the absence of works);
- RTE and ELIA will offer no monthly capacity in their joint allocation mechanism as regards the months of October and November 2002; the capacity available on certain days (notably on days other than the works days at the beginning of October and the end of November), will be proposed as part of the daily mechanism.
- Due to the market rules in Germany, the absence of a physical link between RTE and RWE Net leads the latter not to schedule exchanges between RTE and RWE Net; nevertheless the commercial capacity offered between France and Germany will not be nil insofar as there will be links between RTE and EnBW Transportnetze.

- Tennet, in agreement with ELIA, RWE Net and E.ON Netz, will limit the import capacity in Holland to a value estimated at 3,100 MW

These values are given for information purposes only. They will be specified and updated each day during the period of works on the RTE Web site at the following address: http://www.rte-france.com/htm/an/vie/presentation_allemagne.htm

These works will serve to improve the present situation which has witnessed frequent congestion since March 2002. Upon completion of these works, the additional commercial capacity offered will come to a few hundred megawatts and may reach 1,000 MW depending on the operating conditions in this area.
The new line is scheduled for commissioning on 11 November 2002.
The investment made by RTE to build 30 km of lines supported by 63 towers amounts to 20 million euros.

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