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Life of the power system: new section

Source: RTE 25/09/2002

RTE changes the structure and content of the

To improve the visibility that market players have of the utilisation of exchange capacity, RTE is changing the structure and content of the section "Transfer Capacities".
Henceforth, specific pages containing information on the allocation mechanisms concerning each border, as well as all of the data relative to these different mechanisms will be published according to time periods adapted to the use that the players make of these data.
RTE is expanding its information publications with monthly forecasts of Net Transfer Capacity (NTC), information on the likelihood of congestion viewed from D-2, the capacity requested, and the capacity allocated by RTE, as well as the import and export nominations.

Finally, all of the records of data published by RTE are now available as of today. Retroactive data will be made available before the end of October to add to the sampling of values proposed to the players.

It should also be noted that the records of France-England auctions, as well as the records of D-2 congestion costs, forecast capacity and daily exchange programmes already available on the RTE Web site, are now attached to these new pages.

All of this information is to be found in our new section "Transfer Capacities".