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Power loss forecasts.

Source: RTE 02/10/2002

RTE makes available records of weekly and daily power loss forecasts.

To improve the visibility that the players have of the market, in particular for suppliers of energy to make up for the losses, RTE makes available the records of weekly and daily power loss forecasts since 1 January 2002.

RTE is now modifying the presentation of its Web site: information relative to the procedures for the purchase of energy to compensate for the losses will be left in the section "Offers and Services", the forecast data and records are now to be found in the new section entitled "Life of the System / Forecasts of losses".

RTE has made up for these losses since 1 January 2001 by purchasing energy from suppliers who are now qualified beforehand, through periodical invitations to tender. Transmission network losses are estimated at 12 TWh per year.


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