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André MERLIN, new President of the European Forum of Energy and Transport .

Source: RTE 09/10/2002

At the end of its constitutive meeting, which was held today in Brussels, the European Forum of Energy and Transport elected André Merlin, Chief Executive Officer of RTE, as its President.

The European Commission decided this summer to create this Forum so as to make use of the opinions and advice of the professionals and sectors concerned when drawing up its policies.

34 permanent members and 34 deputy members were thus designated on 4 July 2002. They represent a broad range of activities and skills both in the fields of energy and transport: operators (energy generators, carriers, manufacturers), infrastructure and network operators, users and consumers, unions, environmental protection associations and academics.

The role of this forum, among others, is to:

- give its advice on the initiatives of the Commission in matters concerning energy and transport policy,

- act as an observatory for energy and transport policies,

- assist the Commission in monitoring the debates and actions initiated, on the one hand in the Green Paper on the security of the Union's energy supply and, on the other hand, in the White Paper on the joint transport policy for the year 2010.

By bringing together the representatives of energy and transport within the same body, the European Commission also wishes to reinforce interaction and dialogue between the energy and transport policy-makers.

"I am delighted by the wealth of skills and experience to be found in this Forum which represents a great asset to reinforce the consultation of the sectors concerned and thus contribute to furthering our energy and transport policy initiatives. This Forum is in keeping with the initiatives taken by the Commission to improve the method of European governance thanks to increased public participation, transparency and the opening of dialogue between the Commission and those involved in public life," stated Loyola de Palacio, Vice-President of the European Commission, in charge of Energy and Transport.

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