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France-Germany interconnection.

Source: RTE 06/11/2002

Earlier restarting on 8 November 2002 of the whole interconnection line between France and Germany.

The works for the reconstruction of the extra high voltage 400 kV line linking Vigy in France to Uchtelfangen in Germany have gone well despite unfavourable meteorological conditions.
RTE is pleased to inform you that the last phase of the works will be completed sooner than planned thanks to the special mobilisation of all of its technical teams in Lorraine. The line will therefore be put back into operation ahead of time on 8 November 2002 at 8 p.m. instead of 11 November 2002 as stated in the dispatch of last 24 September.
As of 9 November, the capacity of France's interconnection on its northern border (Belgium and Germany) will benefit from an additional capacity of several hundred MW's. This value may reach 1,000 MW depending on the operating conditions.
RTE wishes to add that the precise values of the exchange capacity at the borders, including those with Germany, are published on its Web site and updated every day at the following address: http://www.rte-france.com/htm/an/vie/presentation_allemagne.htm.

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