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Setting up of a technical partnership between RTE and ADEME.

Source: RTE 02/12/2002

RTE and ADEME have signed a three-year technical partnership agreement.

Mr Pierre RADANNE, President of ADEME and Mr André MERLIN, Chief Executive Officer of RTE, have just signed a three-year technical partnership agreement between ADEME and RTE to share their knowledge, confront their methods and develop common expertise in the following fields of co-operation:

- Electricity consumption forecasting;
- Demand Side Management (DSM);
- The power system global economic approach;
- Insertion of renewable energy-based decentralised power generation into the power system;
- The impact of local generation on the development of local network infrastructures;
- The "best practices" as regards territorial organisation.

The reinforcement of local and national DSM actions, carried out by ADEME, and the desire of the public authorities to develop decentralised electricity generation from renewable energy sources will have an effect on the operation and reinforcement of the electricity transmission network, ensuring power system security and quality of supply.

In order to optimise their developments in the DSM and network fields, RTE and ADEME are committed under this agreement to pooling their knowledge on national and local power consumption forecasts, electricity demand side management potentials, the insertion of wind generation into the power system, the scientific methods and tools required to take into account the local dimension of projects and concrete feedback.

This work, performed and co-ordinated on a national scale, will also be able to be carried out at the regional level as part of a pilot experiment by involving ADEME's regional delegations and RTE's regional units.

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