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The 2002 edition of the memento on electrical system security now on-line.

Source: RTE 19/12/2002

The new 2002 edition of the memento addressing electrical system security was issued last July. Its on-line publication today meets large expectations.

This document was first issued in 1999. Its publication on a large scale met the expectations of numerous actors.
They wanted a didactic document, easy to read and summarising all the concepts and main rules, which should be known by those dealing more or less with electrical system security.

Since this first issue, deep changes have taken place, among which the passing of the law on the modernisation and development of the public service of electricity, the emergence of new market forms, of new actors and new action philosophies.
The new 2002 issue has been published in this new environment. It has been widely dispatched within RTE and amongst many of its counterparts

In countries already far ahead in the process of liberalising their electricity market, as well as in those on the starting blocks, experience has shown that complex phenomena may compromise the safety of the electrical system.
Keeping them under control depends on the implementation of various measures by all the actors: TSO's, producers, distributors, major consumers.

More than ever, the reliability of the electrical system is of great importance in the present evolutions. The analyse of major outages shows that they are due to the conjunction of hazards involving the responsibility of the different actors.

It is thus of the utmost importance to have in this field a common cultural reference handbook, which should be known by all, both old and new actors of the electrical system. This memento-handbook has a pedagogic aim and contributes to a large dispatch of these references. It clarifies the essential role of each actor and serves to ensure the result of his action towards system reliability

Its publication on-line will offer a larger access to everyone. The use of the memento will be easier, either as a whole package, or on specific issues addressed in the various independent chapters.

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