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Offers and services / Creation of @rteria.

Source: RTE 26/09/2002

RTE's optical fibre offer: creation of @rteria

Following the favourable opinion of the CMP Higher Consultative Council
on 7 March 2002, the Board of Directors of EDF has just agreed, this
morning, to the creation of a subsidiary specifically entrusted
with carrying out actions in the field of the development and
utilisation of optical fibres deployed on the transmission network.

Named @RTERIA, this subsidiary will be the interface between RTE and
the infrastructure and telecommunications operators entrusted by the
territorial authorities to build and operate high transfer rate networks.
It will enter into contracts with these operators, such agreements
serving to finance and make available optical fibres on the RTE network,
as well as to ensure the maintenance of these fibres. @RTERIA will set the
economic conditions of the offer to the territorial authorities.

The creation of @RTERIA meets the requirement of the law which stipulates
that EDF must set up a subsidiary for the development of diversification
activities. Its aim is also to ensure that there is no cross-financing between
RTE's various activities.
The conditions are now combined so that the experimentation for the
deployment of optical fibres on the RTE network, launched on 6 February
2002 by the public authorities, will be able to fully meet the expectations of
the territorial authorities.

Consult the @rteria website : http://www.arteria.fr

For more information, please contact Patrick Jubert
Tel.: 01 41 02 26 47