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2003 Reliability Report on the French power system.

Source: RTE 06/09/2004

RTE publishes the 2003 Reliability Report on the French power system. Despite unusually high demand, reliability levels have been maintained over the course of a year marked by several blackouts.

The 2003 Reliability Report on the French power system, drawn up by RTE's Audit Service, has just been published.

The year was marked by a number of spectacular incidents which affected first of all North America in August, followed by Switzerland and Italy in September.

As the French electricity sector continued to undergo significant institutional changes, the report notes that reliability levels were maintained over the course of 2003, despite unusually high demand on the power system as a result of the Swiss-Italy incident on 28th September and the summer heatwave.

As indicated in the report, there are still a number of notable features. Consequently, without resting on the progress already made, the high level of attention paid to the reliability of the power system must be maintained.

By publishing a yearly reliability report on the French power system, RTE clearly shows its ambition to encourage long-term supervision of all aspects of system reliability development.

By this approach, RTE's intention is to help develop a reliability culture, by making all the actors concerned (both RTE and network users) more aware of the role they play in working for reliability, and by promoting reliability issues and comparisons with international transmission system operator associations (UCTE, ETSO).

>Consult the Reliability report 2003 (English version now available)