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Referencing players in the French electricity market at 1 July 2004

Source: RTE 21/07/2004

The information system managing the deregulation of the French electricity market on 1 July 2004 allocates a unique reference to each player.

Following RTE's proposal, it has been agreed that all players shall be referenced with an EIC code - ETSO Identification Code / developed by ETSO (European Transmission System Operators), which already references over 850 players in the European energy market.

This code is a data that identify each player in a given role within the market, i.e., Transmission/Distribution Systems Operators(TSOs/GRDs), energy suppliers, etc.

In France, RTE manages a local codification office (ETSO Issuing Office) and thus allocates and manages the French EIC codes. ETSO has attributed RTE's local codification office the office number ?17?. Thus, all EIC codes managed by RTE will start with these two digits "17".

The codes allocated by RTE will be available on the RTE website at the following address : www.rte-france.com (Partners and Institution/Local Issuing Office), according with their officialisation by actors.
However, additional information on the codes allocated and the EIC codification principles can be found on the internet ETSO site www.edi.etso-net.org.