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Electrical Energy Statistics for France: definitive 2003 data.

Source: RTE 20/10/2004

RTE publishes on-line English version of the publication Electrical Energy Statistics for France detailing the definitive 2003 statistical data.

RTE publishes on-line the English version of the publication "Electrical Energy Statistics for France" detailing the definitive 2003 statistical data concerning electricity flows in France, electricity market mechanism, generating installations and facilities on the RTE network.

This brochure comes in addition to the annual publications "Electrical Energy in France" and "Technical Results from the Electricity Sector in France", and the monthly publication "Overview of electrical energy", which already detail the provisional results in the "Life of the power system" section of the website.

This publication is available for download, and contains the following information for 2003 :

- the French electricity consumption,
- the French energy balance,
- facilities making up the RTE network,
- electricity exchanges with foreign countries, in physical terms,
- statistics on the electricity market mechanism : contractual electricity exchanges with countries bordering France, balancing mechanism and balance responsible entities mechanism,
- regional energy balances,
- breakdown of consumption per sector of activity,
- historical data over 10 years concerning energy balances, consumption in France, developments in generating installations and network facilities.

Consult the page "Electrical Energy Statistics for France in 2003", which can be found in the "Life of the power system / Annual Publications" section of the RTE website.