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Attribution of transmission capacities between France and Italy

Source: RTE 23/01/2001

France - Italy: RTE extends the deadline for the submission of capacity allocation requests

In order to take into account the many requests of potential users
of the France-Italy interconnection who feel that the time between the publication of documents on the rte-france.com site and the deadline date for the submission of the requests (22 January 2001 at 1 p.m.) is insufficient, particularly with regard to the newness and relative complexity of the provisions laid down for the allocation of the France-Italy interconnection, RTE has decided
to extend the deadline for the submission of bids and thus satisfy the wishes of its customers desiring access to the system.

As a result of this decision and considering the time required for the potential users of the interconnection to take full advantage of the capacities to be allotted to them upon completion of the procedure, it is no longer materially possible to schedule operational start-up on 1st February 2001.

Consequently, the deadline for submission of capacity requests has been extended to 15 February 2001.

The present provisions, as well as the prevailing contractual framework, will continue to apply, so long as the new date for the start of the period of delivery of firm transfer capacities has not been defined.

Under these conditions, none of the envelopes containing capacity requests submitted on 22 January 2001 before 1 p.m. will be opened. The requesting parties who submitted bids will thus have the possibility:

1. of maintaining their request as is,
2. or withdrawing the request (the envelopes have remained sealed) and making a new request if they so desire.

All of the information and contractual documents relative to the allocation of transfer capacities on the France-Italy interconnection will be revised so as to take into account this modification of the schedule for the attribution of the
aforementioned capacities.

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