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A renovated Customers Section on RTE website.

Source: RTE 01/12/2008

RTE has implemented a renovated customers section on its website.

Keen on satisfying its customers' expectations, RTE is promoting information sharing and personalized access thanks to a new section dedicated to customers on its website.

The content and services contained in this new section are organized according to four main groups: "Consumers, Generators, Distributors and Trader-Suppliers". Each group has its own website pages, graphically distinct from the others, containing only relevant information, ranging from news to contractual details and power system data. All of the content previously found in the "Customers and Market Player" section of the website is still available to all users, in a new, general "Visitors" category with "Quick Access".

There is also a new data downloading functionality: future RTE web-customers-section-users will access to data more easily by placing documents in their "basket" and memorizing downloaded information for future visits. Current and historical data have been made clearer, with faster and more intuitive access.

RTE is also offering its customers new services. Future RTE web-customers-section will be able to subscribe to a personnalized newsletter by selecting one of the four customer categories, ensuring they only receive information relevant to them. Also, site maps, glossaries and search engines have been designed in the same way. Finally, the "Help" section has been completed to ensure all website users are able to take advantage of the services and enjoy the new browsing experience.

In line with its new commercial policy, RTE wants this new section of its website to be an essential vector for information and services for its customers. Surf on the new "Customers Section" now!

For more information, contact:
Sophie.Coudron (Key Accounts Department)
Olivier.Chesnoy (Communication and Public Affairs Division)